What Amenity is Right for Your Store?

March 28, 2019

Deciding how to choose an amenity for your retail store can be challenging. On the one hand, retailers are mindful of budget constraints, amenity vendor-brand affinity and other logistical concerns; on the other, the slower the retailer adapts to the new retail landscape and modern consumer’s needs, the more at risk they are of falling behind or – even worse – becoming obsolete. One of the ways retailers can help narrow their choice is by first selecting the intended goal of the amenity. We’ve narrowed down the top goals of in-store amenities into the five biggest ones: delight customers, boost sales, collect data, be an innovator and improve the shopping experience. Skip ahead to the goal that best suits your needs and find out what amenity is right for your store!


If your goal is to…





Retailers are constantly seeking new ways to “surprise and delight” their customers. Amenities like free Wi-Fi, enticing food and drink options (free or paid) and experiences or events are some of the key amenities that have been shown to boost shopper happiness, leaving them with positive memories of their in-store shopping experience.


Free Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is perhaps the most ubiquitous amenity in retail stores today. It’s no surprise that a recent study found that 96% of consumers prefer stores that offer free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is a huge relief for consumers who don’t have an unlimited data plan and want to stay connected while they shop. With access to free Wi-Fi, consumers can also share positive word of mouth about the brand, tag retailers on social media, and obtain additional product information that will help boost their confidence in their purchase.


Food & Drink: One look at the masses huddled around the free samples tables at Costco should be proof enough that people love free food. But even if you’re not offering complimentary food or refreshments to your customers, you can also consider opening a cafe or partnering with an eatery to satisfy your shopper’s cravings and give them a reason to stay longer. All department stores now have in-store dining establishments and standalone retailers like Brooks Brothers, Club Monaco and Restoration Hardware are embracing the trend too.





The right amenities can have a tremendously positive impact on a retailer’s bottom line. While there are many amenities that may indirectly boost sales, amenities that make the shopping experience more convenient – like mobile payments, self check-out and free phone charging kiosks – are the ones that generate the biggest increase in sales.


Mobile Payments: Long checkout lines are one of the biggest pain points for shoppers. A recent study found that most consumers are only willing to wait up to 8 minutes in line before abandoning their cart. Fu