ChargeItSpot: Giving Consumers a Free Charge and Retailers Valuable Data

February 4, 2015

Doug Baldasare came up with an innovative way to help both retailers and their customers. Here’s how he convinced major retailers to adopt his win-win concept.

FEBRUARY 03, 2015 When he first came up with the idea of making cell phone charging kiosks for retailers, Doug Baldasare felt certain he was solving two big problems: consumers needed to charge their phones on the go; and brick-and-mortar stores were desperate for ways to get shoppers to spend more at the register.
“It makes sense,” he says. “Aren’t people going to spend more time and then more money in stores if they’re charging their phones?”
There was just one problem. Baldasare’s 3-year-old company, ChargeItSpot, charges retailers a rental fee for their charging kiosks, which charge customers’ phones for free in a locked, secure drawer while they shop. “But retailers aren’t used to having a line item in their budgets that says ‘cell phone charging station,’” he says. “We had to justify ROI.”