How Our Old Kiosks Found a New Purpose in Homeless Shelters

November 27, 2023

ChargeItSpot has always worked to foster a diverse and community-driven environment, and a crucial part of our mission revolves around the tireless efforts of our Inclusion Council. This dedicated group within our company has orchestrated various volunteer opportunities and initiatives, all designed to make a positive impact on our employees and the wider community.

Over the years, ChargeItSpot’s Inclusion Council has developed relationships with some of Philadelphia’s most notable non-profits including, Philly House (formerly Sunday Breakfast Mission), the city’s oldest homeless shelter. Earlier this year, the Council began donating some of our older “lock & key” kiosks to provide access to secure phone-charging for Philly House’s residents.

At ChargeItSpot, accessibility is an important aspect of our company’s values. After receiving various reports from clients about some of the city’s unhoused citizens using their in-store kiosks, the Inclusion Council decided it was a good opportunity to pull our lock & key kiosks out of storage to help create a solution to the issue facing our clients and those without access to secure charging locations.These lock & key kiosks hold a special place in our company’s history, as they were one of our earliest iterations of the iconic charging stations. Our Operations team dedicated a lot of time and expertise to refurbishing these kiosks for renewed use. The phone-charging lockers are equipped with – as the name suggests – individual locks and keys. The kiosks will look to replace the previous phone-charging stations at Philly House, which simply involved a series of power strips set up in the cafeteria causing a lot of residents to report having their phones or wallets stolen while they slept. The Lock & Key kiosks will be installed in the shelter sleeping quarters, providing easy access to residents’ personal devices while they rest.

As a part of our initiative, the kiosks will help to improve the overall culture and environment at Philly House. “Most of the fights that break out [in the shelter] are over missing devices. Their phones are their only lifeline and connection to many growth opportunities. We strive to practice fairness and consistency [amongst our residents], so the fact that you’re able to provide lockers for everyone really helps us foster a sense of trust.” Said Erin Linden, Director of Homeless Services at Philly House.

ChargeItSpot’s mission is to provide safe and secure phone-charging solutions to everyone – including unhoused members of our community. We remain committed to fostering a sense of community, accessibility, and sustainability. Our Inclusion Council is continuing to develop further plans to donate reusable tech, and for our employees to volunteer at Philly House.