7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with ChargeItSpot Charging Stations


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Phone charging stations are quickly becoming ubiquitous. From retail stores to shopping malls, sports arenas to hospitals, charging kiosks are popping up everywhere in response to the growing dependence on mobile phones. But powering up your customers’ phones isn’t the only thing charging stations can do. Here are 9 things you may not have known you could do with ChargeItSpot kiosks:


1. Collect Shopper Contact Information



An in-demand amenity for shoppers who are low on battery, ChargeItSpot charging stations can also expand your customer contact database. When a customer uses our charging kiosks, they’re prompted to enter their email and/or phone number in order to charge their phones. The email and phone number can be collected for remarketing at a later time.


2. Send Custom SMS Messages and Push Notifications


Customers opt in to receive promotional text messages from your business after charging their phones with ChargeItSpot. Take advantage of the SMS marketing opportunity to direct your customers to new in-store offerings, download your store app, or enroll in store loyalty or credit card. Brands can also integrate the ChargeItSpot SDK into their store app so customers who’ve downloaded your app can receive push notifications alerting them about their low phone battery and directing them to the nearest free charge.


3. Run Surveys and Poll Customers



At ChargeItSpot, we know that it can be difficult to collect feedback from in-store shoppers. That’s why we’ve integrated polling and survey features into our kiosk. Whether you want to ask a single question or over a dozen, our kiosks can help you collect in-moment responses from targeted customers. Find out what they think of your brand’s new collection, ask about their shopping experience, or discover other important data by setting up a custom poll for users to take through our kiosk interface before charging their phones.


4. Integrate Customer Data with Your Loyalty Programs



Want to make your most loyal customers feel special? You can require a loyalty card membership in order to allow shoppers to use your charging station. The kiosk’s welcome screen can also point non-members to the location where they can sign up to become a loyalty member in order to use the exclusive charging amenity. Our retail partners can even append their loyalty program database with valuable data (like phone numbers, email addresses and poll responses) which customers can provide when they use our kiosks.


5. Customize the Exterior Wrap



Want to drive traffic to the charging kiosk so you can collect valuable customer data? Work with ChargeItSpot’s professional, in-house design team to create a custom, eye-catching exterior wrap that shares your brand philosophy, promotes your latest partnership or conveys an important campaign message. Looking for some design inspiration? Check out some of our favorite charging kiosk wrap designs.


6. Customize the Kiosk Interface



There are many ways to customize a ChargeItSpot charging kiosk interface. From playing a video attract loop when not in use, to getting creative with the security images, there are countless ways to take advantage of our touchscreen to provide a positive, on-brand shopping experience for your customers. Click here to read more about how you can use the ChargeItSpot interface to promote your business.


7. Take Advantage of 24/7 Remote Management and Support



ChargeItSpot is the only phone charging station provider that’s remotely managed. After its installation, our kiosks are monitored by our in-house support team to help customers with issues such as forgetting their security credentials to retrieve their phone. With our 24/7 support, your store associates can focus on what they do best: providing a first-rate shopping experience for your customers.