5 Ways You Can Use the ChargeItSpot Interface to Promote Your Business


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One of the key promotional features in our phone charging stations is the ability to customize the kiosk’s touchscreen user interface. Here are 5 ways you can use the ChargeItSpot interface to promote your business or brand message:

1. Customize the Welcome Screen

First impressions matter! Customize the charging kiosk’s welcome screen to reflect your brand, your new store offerings or your current sales and promotions. From the initial concept of the welcome screen to the creative design work, our team is available to ensure a positive first impression. Retail partner Neiman Marcus used their welcome screen to promote their image as a trend-setting luxury fashion retailer, equating a powerless phone with being un-fashionable!

2. Get Creative with Security Images

While phone charging can be a simple, practical amenity for your store or venue, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! As a secondary identity security measure (after the user’s 10-digit passcode), our charging stations request that users select a security image. Use this extra security step as a way to build excitement over new collections and store offerings, reinforce your philosophy and brand. Our partner Under Armour chose athletes as their security images, while Neiman Marcus decided to showcase key fashion pieces from their Fall lookbook. The possibilities are endless!

Alternatively, you can use the security images for contests and sweepstake promotions. Another one of our retail partners, PREIT malls, customized the security images for their “Best Gift Ever” holiday giveaway. In addition to wrapping the charging kiosks with their giveaway details, they turned the security images into actual prizes shoppers could enter to win!

3. Gather Valuable Data via Polls

At any stage during the phone charging process, we can design and implement a customer poll that will require the user of the kiosk to answer one (or a few) questions in order to charge their phone for free. Want to know how often they shop at your store or how they feel about your store selection? How about what brands they like to purchase? The valuable data collected from the polls or surveys can be used to reinforce, alter or improve your existing marketing strategies. PREIT malls, for example, used our charging station interface to ask shoppersd to select their favorite holiday gift, which tied into their Best Gift Ever sweepstakes promotion.

4. Drive Loyalty Card Sign-Ups

The requirement of a loyalty card membership in order to charge your phone for free is one of the newest features we’ve implemented in the front and back end of our kiosks. The station’s welcome screen can point non-members to the location where they can sign up for the loyalty card in order to use the exclusive charging amenity reserved for members. Our retail partners can also append their loyalty program database with valuable data which customers can opt-in to provide when they use the kiosk. Data can include a combination of mobile number, email address and responses to on-screen surveys or polls.


5. Leave a Lasting Final Impression

Just as the initial welcome screen is an opportunity to engage customers with your brand or market your unique brand philosophy, the final “Thank you for using ChargeItSpot” screen can also be utilized as an effective marketing tool. While we typically encourage our clients to use this opportunity to promote their mobile app downloads, their in-store services, or social sharing handles or dedicated hashtags, the final screen can be customized in infinite ways. Under Armour, for example, encourages customers to download their UA app, and Neiman Marcus used the opportunity to remind shoppers about their other complimentary amenities.