5 Reasons Retailers Need Phone Charging Stations

May 11, 2015

Cell phone charging stations are a fast-growing segment of the retail tech industry with ChargeItSpot positioning itself as the leading provider of secure, high-tech charging kiosks. Here are the top 5 reasons your store needs a charging station:

1. Boost Sales

Installing a phone charging station in your store has proven to drive foot traffic from customers who otherwise wouldn’t have come into the store. Our retail partners have repeatedly remarked how customers are entering their stores and immediately asking a sales rep where the charging station is located! Retailers are reaping numerous benefits[1] from the boost in foot traffic:

  • Customers who charge their phones stay in the store 2.27 x longer than those who don’t.
  • There’s a 54% increase in conversion for customers who charge their phones.
  • Customers who charge their phones spend 29% more than those who don’t.
  • Of the people who walk in just to charge, 11% end up spending money.

If increase in foot traffic, dwell time and bottom line aren’t reasons enough to install a phone charging station in your store, here are four more:

2. Build Engagement & Customer Loyalty


While shopping online often offers a broader selection of products and more competitive pricing than brick-and-mortar stores, brand loyalty is still built through traditional, in-store experiences. With the explosion of e-commerce, customers have higher expectations from retailers. For stores that are service oriented, it’s simply no longer enough to give customers a bottle of water. As customers are becoming more cell phone dependent (84% of consumers use their phone while shopping in stores[2]), an amenity like a charging kiosk becomes a new retail expectation. “Retailers that are offering the most engaging experiences are winning consumer loyalty, thus producing more valuable customers,” explains Jeffrey Bergeland, ChargeItSpot Director of Client Success.




3. Capture Actionable Data


Retailers today are scrambling to integrate data-capturing technologies – like beacons and interactive digital signage – in their stores. While many of these retail tech solutions lack actionable metrics, phone charging stations provide a valuable collection tool for customer data. Our charging stations can gather a wide variety of information, from contact information to loyalty numbers to completed surveys. Our retail partners and customers can also rest assured that our charging kiosks are completely secure. Rather than asking for a credit card swipe – which can compromise a customer’s private data – our security system simply requires the input of a 10-digit password along with the selection of a secondary security image or pin.




4. Market to Customers In-Store and Out


Having an omnichannel marketing platform is key to engaging customers both in-store and out. With the ChargeItSpot app, retailers can follow and promote brand messages to the customer even when they’re not in the store! When a customer downloads our app, they’ll be alerted every time their phone battery is running low and directed to our nearest retail partner. Your store name can appear on a consumer’s phone at no extra cost. Charging kiosks effectively double as an innovative mobile marketing platform that can collect multiple CRM currencies and even send an SMS call-to-action. In-store brands can also partner with ChargeItSpot by custom-wrapping the exterior of our stations and adding brand information or promotions within the station’s digital interface.




5. Get Instant Tech Cred

cellphone_charging_station_retail_data_chargeitspot_bloomingdalesCell phone charging stations are an example of cutting-edge, interactive retail technology. Installing a station in your store can provide your brand with instant tech cred, thus widening your appeal to millennials and gadget enthusiasts. The iconic, century-old department store Bergdorf Goodman recently partnered with us to promote a more “hip” brand image. “We’re looking to cutting-edge retail technology, like ChargeItSpot, to help enhance our customer service and set the gold standard for exceptional retail experiences,” explains Agatha Wirth, VP of Operations and Strategic Initiatives at Bergdorf Goodman.

Ultimately, ChargeItSpot stations create better customers for retailers. We can bring them in, get them to stay in your store longer, and we can help you connect with them when they leave. Find out more about our retail locations and the benefits of installing a phone charging station in your store by visiting us online at ChargeItSpot.com.

[1] Source: An independent market research study conducted by Gfk

[2] Source: http://ssl.gstatic.com/think/docs/mobile-in-store_infographics.pdf