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Agatha Wirth - VP of Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman has always adopted a forward thinking approach to fashion, and now we’re looking to cutting-edge retail technology, like ChargeItSpot, to help enhance our customer service and set the gold standard for exceptional retail experiences.

Agatha Wirth
VP of Operations & Strategic Initiatives
Bergdorf Goodman
Bil Ingraham - VP, Consumer Marketing & Partnerships, PREIT

This digital interface allows us to promote specific retailers within our mall. It gives us an opportunity to delight and surprise the consumer with a charge to their cell phone, and also allow us to give a bounce to our retail tenants.

Bil Ingraham
VP, Consumer Marketing & Partnerships
Lauren Kaiser - Product Marketing Manager, Fashion GPS

Partnering with ChargeItSpot for Men’s Fashion Week has completely revitalized the user experience and showed serious digital chops.

Lauren Kaiser
Product Marketing Manager
Fashion GPS
Gloria Smith - Facilities Planner, University of Virginia Health Systems

It’s simple, convenient, and user friendly. The company has been wonderful since day one and our guests now have one less thing to worry about because they have a machine that can charge pretty much any phone out there.

Gloria Smith
Facilities Planner
University of Virginia Health Systems
Scott Emmons, Head of the Innovation Lab at Neiman Marcus

Reliable, you don’t have to worry about the units once they’re deployed. Useful, because they solve a real problem for my customer. Valuable to my customer because the smartphone is her lifeline to her friends and family. Valuable to Neiman Marcus because it gives me additional ways to communicate with the customer, and provide a service to the customer that she values.

Scott Emmons
Head of the Innovation Lab
Neiman Marcus

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