Where to Charge Your Phone in Chicago: A Neighborhood-By-Neighborhood Breakdown


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Chicago is home to some of the most Instagram-worthy spots: from Cloud Gate to North Avenue beach. Powering those selfies can necessitate a battery charge-up (or two) during the day. So, whether you’re just visiting the Windy City or you’re a permanent resident, make sure you bookmark this neighborhood-by-neighborhood breakdown of phone charging stations in Chicago:



  • Target (1200 North Larrabee St)



  • Bloomingdale’s (830 Michigan Ave)
  • The North Face (875 Michigan Ave)
  • Uniqlo (830 Michigan Ave)
  • Neiman Marcus (737 Michigan Ave)
  • Marshalls (600 Michigan Ave)
  • Under Armour (600 Michigan Ave)
  • Target (401 East Illinois St)


The Loop

  • TJ Maxx (11 North State St)
  • Target (1 South State St)
  • Target (1154 South Clark St)


South Loop

  • Soldier Field Stadium (1410 Museum Campus Dr)