Top 4 Industries Where Phone Charging Stations are Essential

October 28, 2016

We live in an increasingly smartphone-dependent world, yet our phone’s battery still won’t last more than a day without needing a recharge. Enter ChargeItSpot. For consumers who are “on the go,” a free and secure phone charging station is an absolute necessity. Here’s a look at 4 industries for which phone charging stations are an essential amenity:


Whether it’s a department store, a mall or a boutique, retail businesses are facing phone-charging-station-retailincreasing pressures to improve the brick-and-mortar customer experience. By offering a phone charging station as a complimentary amenity, retailers can not only delight customers with a much-needed service, they can also gain valuable information about shoppers.
Dozens of national retailers – from Under Armour to Neiman Marcus – are using our charging stations as an innovative retail technology tool that complements their existing marketing programs. Our kiosks are designed with powerful and fully customizable retail marketing tools, with capabilities from email and phone number collection to polling customers on their shopping preferences or any other topic of interest.

What’s more, an independent study by research firm GfK concluded that having a phone charging station in your store can increase basket size by 29% and conversion rates by 54%! Phone charging stations thus deliver a critical amenity to on-the-go shoppers all while generating revenue and collecting important customer insights.


phone-charging-station-nrfConference and trade show attendees require constant access to their phones. Phone charging stations at conferences allow attendees to quickly and safely recharge their mobile devices in between sessions. In addition to providing a free phone charge, our charging stations can double as billboards and digital advertising channels for conference or trade show sponsors. Our screens can be customized to fit a sponsor’s messaging, and we can implement giveaways and other fun activities to engage attendees with your brand.

Whether you need a fleet of charging kiosks for a designated charging zone or a single unit for your small business event, our phone charging kiosks can ensure that your attendees have a place to safely charge up when their phone battery is dead.



Events and Arenas

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery right when you’ve finally got that perfectgrammys-phone-charging shot of your favorite celebrity on stage. A phone charging station is critical for special events – whether it’s a concert, a corporate gala, a stadium or a concert arena. Event attendees should never be tethered to a wall. They need to stay in touch with the outside world and be able to document their entire event experience. You’ll also want your guests to stay charged all night so they can continue to share their experience – and promote your brand – with friends and on social media.

New York Fashion Week, the GRAMMYs, T-Mobile Arena and the Super Bowl are just a few of the iconic events and arenas that ChargeItSpot has powered. Our phone charging stations feature secure, passcode-protected lockers so attendees can leave their phones to charge without ever worrying about theft. Plus, our kiosks are equipped with security cameras and 24/7 remote monitoring so your staff can focus on delivering an amazing event.


hospital-phone-chargingThe demand for accessibility is perhaps never greater than when we find ourselves rushing to the hospital. Phone charging stations can provide comfort to patients as well as visiting friends and family during these critical moments. A simple yet important amenity, phone charging kiosks can also boost patient satisfaction scores, in turn, increasing hospital reimbursement rates. In addition, a charging station can help build your hospital’s donor base by collecting opt-in data like phone numbers and email addresses from visitors most likely to donate to your establishment.

ChargeItSpot has partnered with dozens of hospitals and medical centers, from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in our hometown of Philadelphia to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Virginia Health System. Smaller medical centers and doctors’ offices are also great venues for charging stations as patients need their phones to stave off boredom in the waiting room and to communicate their test results and diagnoses to loved ones after their visit.