The Powerful Message Behind Mophie’s “All-Powerless” Super Bowl Ad

March 27, 2015

Phone Photo Mophie


Last month, Mophie’s “All-Powerless” Super Bowl commercial depicted a fictional apocalyptic world with tsunamis, mass looting and sheer chaos – all caused by the dying smartphone of an “all-powerful” Morgan Freeman-lookalike God. The clever commercial drew national attention to a growing crisis: low battery life anxiety. It’s a crisis we at ChargeItSpot have made our mission to solve.

The ad was built on the assumption that cell phone users feel powerless when their phone dies. An assumption we now know is a fact. A recent survey of several hundred cell phone users conducted by our research team concluded that low battery anxiety (or “battery blues” as we like to call it!) is a real problem:

• 78% of respondents reported feeling anxious when their phones were about to die.

• 64% of respondents experience this type of anxiety more than twice a week (and 10% experience it more than 10 times per week!).

• 21% of respondents ranked “battery blues” as more anxiety-inducing than being really thirsty, being really hungry, having to really use the bathroom, and getting caught in the rain without an umbrella/rain gear!

The dreaded feeling of powerlessness and vulnerability from a dying phone can cause unnecessary distractions and anxiety that limit your productivity. And in the case when your phone actually dies from low battery, the consequences can be downright disastrous. That’s why we created ChargeItSpot: a free, trusted source for powering up your cell phone (and your Mophie!) and getting on with your day. Our charging station locations are growing by the day. We’re now located in 120 retail locations across 8 states, including some of the most popular retail destinations like Bergdorf Goodman, Five Below, Rite Aid, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods and Staples.

The powerful message behind Mophie’s Super Bowl commercial is that while we’re growing increasingly dependent on our smartphones, our smartphones’ batteries are failing to keep up with our demands. We now need to seek out alternative charging solutions, like Mophie and ChargeItSpot, to stay power-ful.