12 Retail Tech Blogs You Should Be Reading

In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, retailers are increasingly turning to technology to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you’re an executive at a big box retailer or an independent shop owner, you’ve likely considered installing a technology solution in your store to help boost sales, drive engagement, or gather important customer insights. Retail tech providers … Continued

In-Store Technology Shoppers Really Care About

As retailers continue to invest heavily in in-store technologies to improve the customer shopping experience, it’s important to take a step back and examine what technologies consumers really care about. The “next big thing” isn’t always what the shoppers want. In the Spring of 2018, consulting firm HRC Retail Advisory surveyed nearly 3,000 North American … Continued

The Retail Apocalypse Debunked

The “retail apocalypse” is upon us. Or so the media wants us to believe. Since the beginning of 2016, media outlets have been trumpeting news about massive American retail store closures and bankruptcies due to the middle-class squeeze and the rise of e-commerce. Headlines warn of the impending doom of traditional brick-and-mortar shops while hailing … Continued

Why Phone Charging Is the Next In-Store Wi-Fi

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used in-store Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi has become a ubiquitous in-store amenity for brick-and-mortar retailers. According to a collaborative study by EarthLink Holdings, IHL Group and AirTight Networks, 57% of retailers offer free Wi-Fi for their customers and store employees. With increasing consumer dependence on cell phones, and the lack of … Continued

Top 4 Industries Where Phone Charging Stations are Essential

We live in an increasingly smartphone-dependent world, yet our phone’s battery still won’t last more than a day without needing a recharge. Enter ChargeItSpot. For consumers who are “on the go,” a free and secure phone charging station is an absolute necessity. Here’s a look at 4 industries for which phone charging stations are an … Continued

ChargeItSpot’s Mega Milestones

ChargeItSpot’s been busy for the past few months: deals closed, kiosks deployed, and new team members hired. But honestly, that stuff is business as usual at this point. However, we did hit some milestones that we think are kind of a big deal. First, a few weeks ago we turned 4 years old. Cheers to … Continued

Exciting New Developments in Retail Tech

Here, at ChargeItSpot, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest retail technology tools and trends. As a retail tech provider…

5 Retail Technology Tools to Capture More Customers in 2016

In 2016, we predict that the brick-and-mortar retail experience will be driven by technology. Here are the top five trending retail tech tools that will help you gain more customers and boost sales:   1. Kiosks Touchscreen kiosks are becoming the new must-have retail technology. Customers have a diverse range of kiosk options. From self-service … Continued

Phone Charging Stations are the New Must-Have Retail Technology

With the rise of e-commerce shopping and showrooming, brick and mortar retailers are turning to creative uses of retail technology in order to attract customers. Phone charging stations – like those provided by ChargeItSpot – are an innovative customer amenity and marketing tool that’s taking the retail space by storm. With an independent study by … Continued

5 Reasons Retailers Need Phone Charging Stations

Cell phone charging stations are a fast-growing segment of the retail tech industry with ChargeItSpot positioning itself as the leading provider of secure, high-tech charging kiosks. Here are the top 5 reasons your store needs a charging station: 1. Boost Sales Installing a phone charging station in your store has proven to drive foot traffic … Continued