Interview with Scott Emmons, Head of the Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab

If there’s one retailer that always seems on the cusp of the latest retail technology, it’s Neiman Marcus. From their game-changing mobile app (with slick features like Snap.Find.Shop.) to their nation-wide rollout of ChargeItSpot charging kiosks, to 2015’s runaway hit the “Memory Mirror,” Neiman Marcus has been committed to evaluating and piloting the latest and … Continued

5 Ways You Can Use the ChargeItSpot Interface to Promote Your Business

One of the key promotional features in our phone charging stations is the ability to customize the kiosk’s touchscreen user interface. Here are 5 ways you can use the ChargeItSpot interface to promote your business or brand message: 1. Customize the Welcome Screen First impressions matter! Customize the charging kiosk’s welcome screen to reflect your … Continued