Low Battery Anxiety: Our Favorite Clips

A recent study by LG revealed that 9 out of 10 people suffer from “low battery anxiety,” a condition characterized by gripping fear or panic over a dying cell phone battery. The survey also reported that our biggest fear was of missing calls, with 41% of respondents saying that the thought of a missed call … Continued

Craziest Places People Charge their Phones

Keeping our phones charged is a daily struggle. We’ve all agonized over the depleting percentage levels of our battery indicator, but just how far will we go to get back in the “green zone”? Here are some of the craziest places people have charged their phones: 1 – On a Broadway Stage It was the … Continued

Battery Life Anxiety – Solved

A dead cell phone battery once caused me to flee a restaurant. It was an evening of merriment and I was enjoying a meal and the company of some friends when I checked the time and noticed that blaring little 1% in the corner of my screen. I went about my night, chatted and laughed, … Continued

The Powerful Message Behind Mophie’s “All-Powerless” Super Bowl Ad

  Last month, Mophie’s “All-Powerless” Super Bowl commercial depicted a fictional apocalyptic world with tsunamis, mass looting and sheer chaos – all caused by the dying smartphone of an “all-powerful” Morgan Freeman-lookalike God. The clever commercial drew national attention to a growing crisis: low battery life anxiety. It’s a crisis we at ChargeItSpot have made … Continued