Geo-Fencing and Geo-Targeting Help Retailers Reach Customers

Geo-fencing and geo-targeting are two of the buzziest marketing concepts in the retail world. Essentially, geo-fencing involves pinpointing users when they enter a specific pre-defined area, while geo-targeting targets users based on their geographic location. Retailers who combine both tools are reaping tremendous rewards. Geo-targeting can allow them to send a message to a customer … Continued

Find a Charging Station Near You with the ChargeItSpot App

Phone dying and desperately seeking a phone charging station near you? There’s an app for that! ChargeItSpot’s free mobile app – available on Android and iOS – is the first mobile app that maps the nearest free phone charging kiosk for power-hungry consumers. With over 150 locations across the US – primarily in the New … Continued

How to use the ChargeItSpot Cell Phone Charging App

Our cell phone charging stations are the answer to your low battery anxiety. Long gone are the days of breaking out into a cold sweat in the mall when you notice you only have 10% batter left. Say good-bye to those frantic moments and hello to the future– cell phone charging stations by ChargeItSpot. Unlike … Continued