Indian Sauce & Phone Charging: A Recipe for Retail Tech Innovation


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Leading charging station provider ChargeItSpot® has rolled out a new Bandar Foods-sponsored station at Whole Foods that’s poised to become a game-changer in the world of retail marketing

PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 04, 2015 — Retailers, brands and marketers are turning to a surprising new solution to drive foot traffic, increase sales and build brand awareness: cell phone charging stations.

Philadelphia-based startup ChargeItSpot® has positioned itself at the helm of this rapidly growing market. Its free and secure phone charging stations have helped dozens of national retailers, from Urban Outfitters to Staples, attract shoppers, lengthen dwell time, and raise customer spending by up to 29%*.

ChargeItSpot also helps brands engage with users at point-of-retail. Consumers use their mobile number as their code to lock their phone in the charging locker. After users opt-in, brands can use this number to offer those consumers an SMS with exclusive promotions or encourage them to interact with the brand via social media. No longer just a solution to low battery anxiety, phone charging stations are poised to become the next big real-time marketing tool for brands and retailers alike.

ChargeItSpot’s new partnership with the fast-growing Indian inspired foods startup Bandar Foods is a prime example of the charging station’s power to drive brand awareness and sales. Bandar premiered its line of “monkey sauces” through Kickstarter in the Summer of 2012. The sauces are inspired by popular Indian condiment flavors like spicy mango and mint cilantro, which come in handy squeeze bottles that American consumers are accustomed to. After entering their locker code on the Bandar-sponsored ChargeItSpot station, customers can choose one of nine images for secondary security. These images feature Bandar products and suggestions for dish pairings with its line of sauces. The final screen shows additional product information and directs consumers to the Whole Foods shelf where they can purchase the Bandar sauces.

“A phone charging station is a great marketing platform, especially as it is so close to the point of purchase,” says Bandar Foods co-founder Lalit Kalani. “For a new, hip brand looking to connect with millennial consumers, ChargeItSpot is really the perfect advertising partner.”

Whether the goal is to raise brand awareness, educate consumers or increase sales, phone charging stations are an exciting new opportunity for brands to connect with customers in a retail setting. “Retailers are thrilled to offer a highly needed amenity to their customers and brands are given real estate that is otherwise very difficult and expensive to grab,” says ChargeItSpot Founder and CEO Douglas Baldasare. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”

The Bandar-sponsored station is located inside the Whole Foods café in Marlton, NJ.

For more information about ChargeItSpot, the locations of its phone charging stations, or to learn more about the benefits of sponsoring a ChargeItSpot station, visit

To learn more about Bandar’s line of Indian sauces and chips, visit

*Based on a 2014 ChargeItSpot study, conducted by third party research firm GfK.

About ChargeItSpot
Based in Philadelphia, PA and founded by Wharton graduate Douglas Baldasare, ChargeItSpot creates elegantly designed, fully customizable mobile phone charging kiosks. Built for retail, the stations feature an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen interface, highly secure locking capability, promotional opportunities, customizable on-screen messages, and robust data tracking and reporting. ChargeItSpot also offers a mobile app that alerts users when their cell phone battery is running low and points them to the nearest ChargeItSpot kiosk. Retail partners include Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, Staples and Bergdorf Goodman. Visit for more info or download the mobile app for kiosk locations.

About Bandar Foods
Based in San Francisco, Bandar Foods was founded by Wharton graduates Lalit Kalani and Dan Garblik. Bandar is reimagining traditional Indian foods for everyday American use. Bandar’s products can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Freshmarket and Target.