Meet the Team: Jose Robles, IT Specialist

October 22, 2015

jose-roblesAs a tech startup, we rely heavily on IT. Jose Robles, ChargeItSpot’s IT Specialist extraordinaire, is one of the most indispensable members of our team. Not only does he know our charging kiosks’ hardware and software inside and out – he also provides technical support to our field techs and customer support to our end-users all while going to school and raising a new baby girl!

Q: How did you come to join ChargeItSpot?
It was almost two years ago when I was in college. I got a call one day from Rob Kay (ChargeItSpot’s SVP of Operations) and he asked me if I wanted a position at this new phone charging station startup. I was skeptical at first, but then I said: Why not? As soon as I saw the atmosphere of the company, it felt like home.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at ChargeItSpot?
I love working with all the kiosks. There’s always something new being added to the units – new hardware, new software, new functionalities, new designs…

Q: So what exactly does an IT specialist do?
My day to day responsibility is to make sure everyone’s office computers are up to date with security features and connected to the network. And then, at noon, I start to work on the kiosks, pushing new software, operating systems or reconfiguring the networks. I also occasionally travel to install the stations in new stores or locations.

Q: What’s the toughest part about installing a charging kiosk?
The toughest part would be building it from scratch! You’re given an empty shell and you have to fill it out and design it from the ground up. The store installations are the easy part!

Q: What do you wish more people knew about the technology inside charging stations?
I wish more people knew that we’re relying on Linux operating systems! It’ s an open source program that allows you to do so much. You can actually tweak things to make it your own. You can come up with software you want to build from scratch. You don’t have to have any special access keys or codes either – Linux will allow you to work around it.

Q: What do you like about the new versions of kiosk?
I really like the swipe cards for rewards members that we installed in the phone charging station at Harrah’s casino. You swipe your rewards card and instead of entering your mobile number, it immediately recognizes the data from the rewards card. As soon as you swipe your card, you can just select a locker and put your phone in. It’s very easy to use!

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