Low Battery Anxiety: Our Favorite Clips

September 15, 2016

A recent study by LG revealed that 9 out of 10 people suffer from “low battery anxiety,” a condition characterized by gripping fear or panic over a dying cell phone battery. The survey also reported that our biggest fear was of missing calls, with 41% of respondents saying that the thought of a missed call could induce anxiety.

At ChargeItSpot, we’re all too familiar with low battery anxiety and its evil twin, nomophobia (check out our roundup of nomophobia symptoms and treatments). So how exactly does low battery anxiety manifest itself? We gathered some of our favorite video clips to show you:

Dying of Anticipation

This short film from BuzzFeed does a great job of showing how it feels when you’re phone battery dies just when you’re expecting an important call.

Group Therapy

To promote the new LG G5, which features a replaceable battery, LG produced a fun series of commercials on low battery anxiety group therapy. Here’s one clip:


Hong Kong Subway Meltdown

Arguably THE most epic low battery anxiety meltdown of all time.


One of Super Bowl 2015’s most viral commercials came from battery case provider Mophie, who depicted the apocalyptic consequences of God’s battery running low:

The Double Whammy

Winner of the people’s vote in the MOGA Mega Video Contest  – which called for videos depicting “phone battery agony” – this short film saves the most agonizing moment for last!

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