Rethinking Market Research

ChargeItSpot's Insight Kiosks are revolutionizing market research by collecting in-moment responses from hard-to-reach consumers. How? By offering a simple, yet powerful incentive - a free phone charge

How it works

ChargeItSpot provides people with something they desperately need:
a free phone charge in a secure locker.

In exchange, our users are willing to share their thoughts and opinions through our fully-integrated survey capabilities

Consumers charge their phones and answer questions directly on our kiosk screen. It's that easy.

In-moment Insights

Now always beats later. We interact with consumers before they ever leave the venue, gauging sentiment in real time and eliminating recall bias.

Rescue & Delight Attendees

Unprecedented Access

Go where few surveys have gone before. ChargeItSpot kiosks are a key amenity for a range of high-value venues, giving you the ability to capture insights from hard-to-reach demographics, such as students on campus, patients at the hospital, or professionals at industry events.

Hear From New People

Everyone needs a phone charge. ChargeItSpot gives you the power to garner insights from people who don't traditionally take surveys, so you can get fresh answers to your burning questions.

Rescue & Delight Attendees

Respondent Advocacy

ChargeItSpot puts the user first in everything we do. It's our mission to create an exceptional user experience while collecting insights on the brands that consumers love.

Insights Everywhere

Our kiosks are engineered to deliver delight in high-value venues such as:


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