How to use the ChargeItSpot Cell Phone Charging App

January 10, 2015

Our cell phone charging stations are the answer to your low battery anxiety.

Long gone are the days of breaking out into a cold sweat in the mall when you notice you only have 10% batter left. Say good-bye to those frantic moments and hello to the future– cell phone charging stations by ChargeItSpot. Unlike other cell phone charging stations, ours features an on the go app that helps you to find the cell phone charging station nearest you and – get this – it even alerts you when your cell phone battery is dying, automatically pinging you to the nearest ChargeItSpot location.

Here’s how to use ChargeItSpot.

1. Download the App

First thing’s first. Download the ChargeItSpot app on your Android or iOS smart phone. Simply search “chargeitspot” and we should show right up. Now you’re ready to find the nearest ChargeItSpot location.

2. Open ChargeItSpot and allow location access.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

In order for ChargeItSpot to easily find the ChargeItSpot cell phone charging kiosk closest to you, you’ll need to allow location access.

3. Acquaint yourself with the app, or just hit “skip”

Free cell phone charging station

Look, isn’t this awesome? The ChargeItSpot app will let you know when your cell phone battery is running low (you can turn this notification off if you want, we’ll show you how soon).

And it’s also so easy to find nearby ChargeItSpot locations.

Find a cell phone charging station

Some of the retailers who host ChargeItSpot stations also include special offers. So, keep your eye out for those.


Now, you’re in the app and ready to find the nearest cell phone charging station. Here’s how.

Because you allowed location access, ChargeItSpot will immediately identify all of the charging stations near you.