Holiday Shopping? Keep Calm & Charge Your Phone

December 12, 2018

Shoppers rely on their phones for so much over the holidays. Whether it’s pre-planning with shopping lists, using retailer apps in-store, or getting opinions from friends and family while considering gifts — it all starts with your mobile device.

So, imagine being out shopping only to realize your battery is at 5% and you have no charger. Panic sets in.

With this in mind, we at ChargeItSpot decided to look at how “low-battery anxiety” affects holiday shoppers. Using our phone charging stations, we asked 1,000 shoppers in malls across the country how they feel when their battery is running low. Here’s what we found.

  • Panic is widespread: Almost two-thirds (64%) are either panicked, frustrated, upset, or angry when their phone isn’t charged.
  • It all starts with a full charge: Nearly everyone (87%) felt it was important to have their phone battery fully charged during holiday shopping trips.
  • Battery life isn’t getting better: Almost 60% of shoppers (58%) reported that their phone battery life has gotten worse or not improved in the past year.

The data is clear — no one wants to see that red icon in the corner of their screen this holiday season. Fortunately, ChargeItSpot is solving this problem for shoppers across the country.

With ChargeItSpot, there are no more awkward interactions with total strangers or store employees asking for a charger or a power outlet. There are no more missed calls from family and friends. And no more having to carry around a bulky extra battery.

To help shoppers avoid low-battery anxiety this holiday season and beyond, ChargeItSpot’s free phone charging kiosks can be found in select stores of the biggest retailers, including Target, Gap, Neiman Marcus, Under Armour, Uniqlo, and Westfield Malls.

In fact, we’ve just expanded our partnership with Target to make shopping even easier. Shoppers can now find ChargeItSpot in nearly 200 Target stores across the U.S. — just in time for the holiday shopping season.

So, if your battery is running low while you’re holiday shopping, stay calm. Just find a ChargeItSpot near you and say “goodbye” to low-battery anxiety this holiday season.