GfK Study ChargeItSpot impact on retail sales


In April of 2014, GfK completed a study that measured the effect that ChargeItSpot had on sales in retail stores. The goal of the study was to answer several key questions. Does ChargeItSpot cause users to: 1. Spend more time in store? 2. Be more likely to buy? 3. Spend more per transaction? 4. Visit stores specifically to charge?


Researchers from the Wharton School crafted an experiment to measure the effect of a ChargeItSpot on shopper behavior. In the study, chargers in store were classified into two sub-groups: those who could charge their phones (test) and those who attempted to charge, but could not (control) because the unit was artificially full with ‘dummy phones’. In this way, both groups were identically matched populations. Over two days, GfK sent 20 researchers into five retail stores to gather data.


  • +29% basket size

    Average transaction

  • 2.15x dwell time

    Amount of time spent in store

  • +54% conversion

    People who purchase

  • 11% trip mission

    Chargers who came to the store solely to charge

  • +20 customer delight

    Net promoter score +20 among test group, compared to control group