DonateLife Sponsors ChargeItSpot Phone Charging Stations

June 24, 2015



DonateLife Pennsylvania, an organization whose mission is to encourage people to become registered organ donors, has partnered with ChargeItSpot to raise awareness of organ donation throughout the Summer of 2015 with their “Power to Give Life” campaign.

“Getting individuals to become registered organ donors can be a delicate conversation. In choosing to partner with ChargeItSpot, our goal – on behalf of Donate Life Pennsylvania – was to spark conversation around organ donation by asking a simple question that plays off of a modern day problem: we go out of our way to give our phones more life, why don’t we do the same for each other? We looked to leverage that feeling of helplessness by not only showing context with the help of real stories, but provided a solution with the ability to charge your phone and register as an organ donor.”

– Liz Henry, Manager of Business Leadership at Allen & Gerritsen, Donate Life’s advertising agency.

The sponsored charging stations, located at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Allegheny General Hospital, Millersville University, and the Harrisburg Capitol Building, provide visitors with a free phone charge. The sponsorship provides ample opportunity for DonateLife PA to promote their marketing message. Each kiosk is wrapped in powerful graphics with names of individuals who need transplants and milestones accomplished in their life so far such as “Graduated high school” or “Met the girl of my dreams.”

On the touch-screen, the Attract Loop clearly states DonateLife’s campaign message: “You have the power to give life.” During the charging sequence, users select security images with imagined events that the individual will never experience if they don’t receive the transplant.

Finally, the mobile phone number provided by the person charging their phone receives an SMS message with a link to become an organ donor. The message reads: We go