Craziest Places People Charge their Phones

September 23, 2015

Keeping our phones charged is a daily struggle. We’ve all agonized over the depleting percentage levels of our battery indicator, but just how far will we go to get back in the “green zone”?

Here are some of the craziest places people have charged their phones:


1 – On a Broadway Stage

It was the phone charge heard around the world. Last month, a man crawled onto the stage of a Broadway show to plug his phone into a prop outlet. The incident, widely reported across news outlets, caused an uproar on social media and prompted heated discussions about low battery anxiety and our ever increasing phone obsession.



2 – On a commuter train

Did you know that charging your phone on public transportation can be illegal? A UK man named Robin Lee learned his lesson the hard way last month when he was arrested for “abstracting electricity.” Lee was essentially charged with stealing electricity when he used a plug socket to charge his phone in a carriage on a London Overground train.


Los Angeles Metro riders also faced electricity theft charges for using outlets to charge their phones during their commutes. Thankfully, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti put an end to the arrests for electricity theft in December 2014.


3 – From the ceiling of the Dairy Queen

Because, why not?

4 – Under a lion

Charging your phone under the cool, smooth surface of a stone lion sculpture. We’re a little envious.


5 – In a complete stranger’s home

Last month, BuzzFeed did a story about a man who broke into a Spotswood, NJ home and stayed under the bed in a guest room for 3 days before the house’s residents noticed him. What did he do under the bed for 3 days? Charge his phone, naturally! The intruder was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespass and theft of services (for stealing electrical current to power up not one, but four cell phones).


6 – In a public restroom

The uncontested winner of the Grossest-Place-to-Charge-Your-Phone Award, the public bathroom is a surprisingly common spot to steal some juice. Here are some guilty confessions we found on Twitter: