ChargeItSpot’s Mega Milestones

October 4, 2016

ChargeItSpot’s been busy for the past few months: deals closed, kiosks deployed, and new team members hired. But honestly, that stuff is business as usual at this point.

However, we did hit some milestones that we think are kind of a big deal.

First, a few weeks ago we turned 4 years old. Cheers to four years! We marked this occasion with new company t-shirts and a retreat to the Poconos. We should have a birthday every year!




Even more important than the number of years we’ve been in business is what we’ve done with that time. Just last week, we crossed another important mark, which was our 2 millionth charge! Yep, ChargeItSpot has powered 2 million texts, calls, selfies, and Snapchats.




So let’s take a look at a few of those 2 million moments where we made a difference in someone’s day.

From our friend who needed her phone in TJ Maxx…


…to the man who wanted an excuse to buy a pair of shoes…



…to this American history buff who needed a pic with the Liberty Bell…




…to this shopper who wanted ALL her friends to know that we were in Neimans…




…to these fashionistas whose lives we saved…




…and finally to the girl who made us want to say BLESSup…




we are so thrilled that we have been able to help you in your times of low battery need. So, keep the love coming and know that we love you right back. Here’s to many more millions of charges to come!