ChargeItSpot: Public Phone Charging, the Safe Way

February 7, 2020

Security is – and always has been – our top priority. We have designed our entire charging experience to ensure the highest levels of security, making ChargeItSpot The Trusted Charging Solution® since 2011.

You may have heard about “juice jacking:” the theft of data from unsecured phone charging providers. By contrast, we’ve constructed our charging stations specifically to eliminate the possibility of juice-jacking, with the best-in-class safety features to provide the most secure experience for our users.

ChargeItSpot is dedicated to educating the public on this topic. Customers will soon see updated language on ChargeItSpot units, encouraging them to use safe charging practices and reminding them that ChargeItSpot units are the only risk-free providers of free and secure charging.

Here’s how we’ve designed the world’s safest charging station:


Juice-Jacking Blocking Technology 

Our team of experienced engineers designed and patented ChargeItSpot’s OptiCharge® technology, which not only delivers the most efficient charge to each phone, but fundamentally restricts any data transfer with a one-directional charge (power only, no data sync possible). Our USB ports are secured behind a steel housing and are inaccessible to any form of tampering – nullifying any threat of juice jacking.

Phone charging station Bloomingdale's retail stores


Built Like a Tank

ChargeItSpot is like a consumer-facing bank vault. The biggest retail brands in the world trust us to provide their customers with a safe charging experience because they know security is our number one priority.  

Our kiosk’s housing is made of ultra-sturdy 14 gauge steel, and our locker doors feature 16 gauge steel with a lock that boasts a holding force of over 1,300 pounds. Our charging lockers also feature windows made from industrial-grade acrylic, a transparent material that’s 10x stronger than glass. 


 …with 24/7 Monitoring!

The final layer of security for users is our patented 24/7 security system which monitors the kiosks for theft or lock-outs. The built-in security camera halts potential theft by ensuring that the owner of each phone is the only one who can retrieve it. We always have an actual human for verification and do not use any facial recognition software. 

Yes, certain public phone charging stations can be unsafe. However, not all charging stations are created equal. ChargeItSpot is the only phone charging station provider that has prioritized data security since day one. We’ve taken every measure to completely eradicate the risk of juice jacking, and we believe our expanding presence across leading retail stores throughout the country and our growing popularity amongst consumers is a testament to that.  

You can click here to read more on the common safety concerns about phone charging stations, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.