Charge your cell phone while you shop

January 16, 2016

DARTMOUTH – Shoppers at the Dartmouth Mall can charge their cell phones while they shop. The ChargeItSpot kiosks are designed to help consumers experience stress-free shopping by allowing them to safely and securely charge their phones while they shop. The units are free to use and have been a big hit during their initial deployment in December. Charging stations were used 31 times every day for an average of 56.7 minutes during the holiday shopping period. Overall, the units were used 965 times by Dartmouth Mall shoppers in December.

Through ChargeItSpot’s free mobile app, shoppers are notified when their phone’s battery is low and directs them to the nearest ChargeItSpot kiosks so they can power up in secure charging lockers. The charging stations come equipped with eight charging bays, each containing three different charging cables for iPhone and Android phones. Shoppers simply enter their mobile phone number and select a security image in order to begin the user-friendly charging process. When consumers retrieve their phone, they receive an opt-in SMS message thanking them for charging their phones and inviting them to download the PREIT Malls app.

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