Cell Phone Charging Stations Are Set To Change Retail As We Know It

February 3, 2015

Consumer demand for a seamless shopping experience is reshaping the retail landscape. And in this wildly competitive environment, the most innovative retailers are meeting the demand head-on.

 Retail has entered a new era.

It’s no longer a matter of stocking shelves with the newest products while shoppers flock through the doors. The rapid technological advancement of products and in-store services have changed retail forever.

In fact, Forbes even described 2015 as a year of unrelenting competition in retail.

“With the intensifying competitive scenario unfolding, retailers must think ahead and have a vision for the future. They must adjust to the realities of today and create innovative new ways to attract customers,” it writes. “Turning these ideas into reality creates a new shopping environment and recognizes the customer’s demand for innovation.”

What keeps consumers coming back in the highly competitive environment? For starters, in-store technology running the gamut from Apple Pay to use of tablets in fitting rooms.

And now, cell phone charging stations are being added to the list of demands that will keep customers walking into brick-and-mortar stores.

Thanks to insights from the research team of data scientists at GfK, we now know the powerful—and distinctly measurable—effects that cell phone charging services have on retail profit.