Casinos Get Charging: Interview with Caesars VP of Marketing Mark Lunter

March 30, 2017

With most casino-goers spending many hours at a time on the gaming floor, a dying phone battery is bound to disrupt a player’s “flow.” That’s why ChargeItSpot has been partnering with casinos to keep their players charged up. Phone charging kiosks at casinos are a win-win for gamers and management – players can recharge throughout the day so they can stay connected, and the casino can make sure players finish their round of Texas Hold’em distraction and worry-free.

Mark Lunter, VP of Marketing at Harrah's Casino, a ChargeItSpot phone charging kiosk client

We sat down with Mark Lunter, VP of Marketing at Caesars Entertainment (owners of Caesars and Harrah’s branded casino houses), to discuss how casinos came to adopt phone charging stations:

ChargeItSpot: What was the driving factor behind partnering with ChargeItSpot and how did charging stations fit into your general marketing strategy?

Mark Lunter: Harrah’s Philadelphia was looking for amenities that would improve its guests’ overall experience on property and adding free cell phone charging was one small way it was able to do that. Additionally, the charging stations collect or update email addresses the first time guests charge their phones, allowing them to receive valuable offers and communications.


ChargeItSpot: You recently performed an internal analysis of phone charging station usage at Harrah’s. What were some interesting trends, numbers, or demographic info that you discovered?

Mark Lunter: The property observed slight increases in visitation from guests who charged phones, incremental guest email addresses, and signs of improved guest satisfaction.

Two free phone charging stations for TotalRewards® customers at Harrah’s Casino

ChargeItSpot: How have smartphones impacted the casino industry or Harrah’s in particular?

Mark Lunter: Smartphones have made it easier for guests to receive information including social reviews, competitive programming, rewards, and offers in real time. This information can be customized to their preferences and allows them to make more informed decisions in real time.


ChargeItSpot: What are some other exciting new technologies that you’ve seen in casinos or that you’ve implemented at Harrah’s?

Mark Lunter: One interesting new technology is self-check-in kiosks at select Las Vegas Total Rewards affiliated hotels.  This exciting addition offers convenience and flexibility to the guest while drastically reducing the time from arrival at the hotel lobby to the entrance to the hotel room itself.

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