The Best Phone Charging Purses, Backpacks and Wallets

May 17, 2017

Wearable tech – like accessories that charge your phone – seem to be popping up everywhere these days. In 2017, fashion is officially colliding with function, meaning household labels and startups alike are scrambling to create the most stylish, high-tech accessories.

Here are our top picks for the best phone charging purses, backpacks and wallets you can snag online today:


HButler’s Mighty Purse

Introduced to the US market in 2013, HButler’s Mighty Purse has been hailed as the world’s first cell phone charging purse. Developed by Australian wearable tech brand, HButler (which stands for Handbag Butler), the Mighty Purse contains a hidden, built-in battery that ranges from 3,000 mAh to 4,000 mAh in power – enough to more than double the battery life of most phones. Compatible with most smartphones on the market, the Mighty Purse is made with genuine leather and comes in a range of stylish colors and finishes. It features storage compartments for credit cards, coins, a slot to hide cables and an LED indicator that shows how much power is left in the purse.

Price: Moderate       Devices: iPhone and Android       Styles: Many     Charging Type: Wired


Everpurse x Kate Spade Purses

In the fall of 2015, fashion brand Kate Spade New York teamed up with Chicago tech startup Everpurse to design a collection of stylish iPhone-charging totes, crossbodies and wristlets. Users can slide their iPhone into the purse’s charging pocket which is seamlessly hidden inside the bag’s lining. The built-in charging pocket can allegedly charge an iPhone 6 up to 2.5 times, with a battery life that can last up to 2 days. Bags should be recharged overnight (6-8 hours) by placing them on the charging mat that’s included in all purse orders.

Price: Splurge      Devices: iPhone      Styles: Many Charging      Type: Wireless


Joyus Chain Edge Crossbody with Phone Charger

Available in metallic shades like gold and stingray, the phone charging chain edge crossbody from Joyus is another stylish option for smartphone addicts. Ideal for a night on the town, the Joyus handbag can be worn as a crossbody or a clutch and features a hidden battery inside with a small USB cord. Just charge the purse before you leave the house and when you’re out, plug in and stay charged all night!

Price: Steal      Devices: iPhone and Android      Styles: Few     Charging Type: Wired



TYLT Energi Backpack

The Energi backpack by TYLT comes in two models. The standard model is a combination between a briefcase, backpack and a mobile charging station. It comes equipped with a charging system that allows you to route the cables to any one of the 5 external pockets or 2 internal pockets. The Pro Power backpack is the upgraded model which TYLT touts as the only bag that can provide a full charge to your cell phone, tablet AND your USB-C laptop. It includes a 20,800 mAh battery and 12 internal pockets to store all your daily gear.

Price: Steal      Devices: Tablets, iPhone and Android      Styles: Few     Charging Type: Wired


BirkSun Solar Backpacks

Designed in sunny California, the rugged BirkSun backpacks rely entirely on solar panels that can store a 150% charge from its internal battery (or +1% every 3-4 minutes). Short on direct sunlight? You can also recharge from any wall outlet. Ideal for the beach, the hike or the daily commute, the BirkSun waterproof backpacks keep you dry and powered up!

Price: Moderate     Devices: Laptops, Tablets, iPhone and Android      Styles: Many     Charging Type: Wired


HP Powerup Backpack

Billed as a “revolutionary backpack,” the stylish-yet-super-functional HP Powerup features a high capacity 22,500 mAh battery that can charge your phone, tablet AND your laptop! The backpack works with most HP laptops (up to 17.3” screen) and USB-charged devices including iPhones and iPads, GPS devices and wireless headsets. HP claims their backpack provides a full charge to most of their laptops, charges a tablet up to 3 times, a smartphone up to 10 times.

Price: Splurge     Devices: Laptops, Tablets, iPhone and Android      Styles: Few     Charging Type: Wired



Fossil Charging Wallet

If you’re looking for a power-ful wallet that looks as good as it performs, look no further than the Fossil Charging Wallet. Compatible with the iPhone 6/6S and the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Fossil Charging Wallet comes in 3 shades of smooth leather (black, navy and cordovan) and features 6 credit card slots, 1 zip compartment, 1 slip pocket and 1 removable battery with a USB cord so you can power up your smartphone up to 2 times.

Price: Moderate     Devices: iPhone and Android      Styles: Few     Charging Type: Wired


Nomad Bi-Fold Charging Wallet

A bi-fold for the 21st century commuter, the charging wallet by Nomad can hold a single full charge and is compatible with all recent iPhones (iPhone 5 through 7Plus). What we love about the Nomad charging wallet is its gorgeous brown leather, which is made from minimally treated, vegetable-tanned Horween leather (one of the nation’s oldest tanneries). Designed to beautifully patina over time, the Nomad wallet is the ideal pick for stylish men with more modest charging needs.

Price: Splurge     Devices: iPhone     Styles: Few     Charging Type: Wired


CaseCrown SlimPower Wallet


Perhaps the most compact charging wallet on the market today, the SlimPower wallet by CaseCrown comes with 3 credit card slots, a compartment for bills, and a built-in 2,500 mAh battery with a hidden, angled Micro USB and Lightning Adapter, making it compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Weighing in at only 0.22 pounds, the ultra lightweight SlimPower Wallet comes in 4 shades and materials – from genuine leather to synthetic to canvas – and also includes RFID blocking to prevent credit card theft. Now that’s what we call a power wallet!

Price: Steal     Devices: iPhone and Android     Styles: Many     Charging Type: Wired