Battery Life Anxiety – Solved

May 22, 2015

A dead cell phone battery once caused me to flee a restaurant. It was an evening of merriment and I was enjoying a meal and the company of some friends when I checked the time and noticed that blaring little 1% in the corner of my screen.

I went about my night, chatted and laughed, savored a drink and fiddled with the jukebox, but the entire time my pocket was on fire. I was just unable to fully commit to the act of relaxing with that red battery hanging over me. And when the phone let out its little vibration death-rattle, I silently went ballistic. The next half hour was like wearing a sweater made of Brillo pads. It was completely illogical, even absurd, but I couldn’t that sense of being cut off out of my head.

So I left. I made up some excuse, said goodbye, and walked home at a pace that could conservatively be described as “breakneck”. I plugged in my phone and sat down to an evening of television, finally able to breathe. I had been just experienced what is known as “low battery anxiety”.

We tend to treat low battery anxiety as something trivial, boiling it down to not being able to check twitter or not being kept up to date on gossip. But anyone who’s been on a serious job hunt can attest that that sense of unrest is something far more monumental. This whole spectrum personal, professional, financial, romantic, and developmental information is tied up in this little piece of silicon and plastic.

That dead battery isn’t just inconvenience; it’s a whole world of information and opportunity that you’ve been cut off from. It’s the fear of going dark.

In the days before the cell phone, it was common to wait around the house for hours or days to receive one piece of vital information, be it personal or professional. The phone cord became a sort of leash, tethering us to a fixed setting. Each step outside of this communication bubble was carefully budgeted. Today, we’ve gone cordless. But make no mistake: the leash is still there. It’s only when our phone battery goes red that we become acutely aware of it.

ChargeItSpot was born out of this need to sever that leash. When our phone charging stations have been installed across every major retail store in every state, we’ll have made low battery anxiety obsolete. Our mission at ChargeItSpot is to keep you powered up, no matter where you go, so you never have to fear the dark again.