A Look At The Philly Startup Scene with The Tech Tribune’s Editor, Rafael Melvin


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The Tech Tribune, a publication that delivers the latest tech and startup news, published their roundup of Philadelphia’s 10 Best Tech Startups – including ChargeItSpot! We sat down with The Tech Tribune’s editor, Rafael Melvin, to ask him about why he chose ChargeItSpot as one of Philly’s best startups, why he thinks Philadelphia makes for a great tech hub and what under-the-radar city the tech scene should watch out for!



What sets Tech Tribune apart from other tech media outlets?

While we do cover the big startups, like everyone else, I believe our value add is digging up the “buried treasure” companies in towns that people may never have heard of or considered a tech mecca. We love to give these guys the microphone.


What’s something people don’t know about how you choose the startups in your Best Tech Startups roundups?

One thing people should know is that what should qualify as a “tech” startup can be more of an art than a science, at times. We spend a lot of time debating the finer points of this to make sure no one deserving is left out.


What do you think made ChargeItSpot stand out to you?

Everyone has a device, and every device needs to be charged. Any company that can capitalize on that simple fact has a strong future. This is ChargeItSpot’s second consecutive year hitting our Philly list. We are extremely proud of all their accomplishments and hope to continue to recognize them for years to come.


Why do you think Philadelphia is a good hub for tech innovation?

Philadelphia is a great mix of blue-collar and white-collar priorities, mixed in with a rich historical background. That big melting pot of new and old results in some spectacular innovation. It may, very well, be the home of the next big thing.


What kinds of trends did you notice when researching the tech startup scene in Philly?

Philly, this year, was a nice mix of first-timers and returning, with 6 repeat companies and 4 fresh faces. Med-tech firms, in particular, had a strong showing, with 4 appearances.


Any thoughts on the startup scene in general, in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is an excellent city for tech. The competition was fierce this year, as well as the previous two years. We hope to continue to see this level of passion. The fact that we had 4 new companies on the list this year also tells me there is a good climate for emerging companies.


What’s an under-the-radar city that you think has a lot of potential?

Minneapolis is a city that I’m not sure many people think of as a tech hub, but we found a super enthusiastic and awesome community there.