5 Games That Don’t Drain Battery Life

September 8, 2017

We’ve all been there – we know our phones are dying, but we just can’t seem to put them down! Here are 5 battery-friendly games we’ve found for the times when no phone is not an option.

Edge (Download on iOS / Android)



A simple, but highly addictive puzzle game, Edge involves guiding a cube around 48 levels and collecting colored prisms by dragging your finger across the touchscreen. As you progress through the levels, the game unveils more surprises and challenges that are guaranteed to keep you engaged for hours with negligible battery loss.


Battery damage: ~ 10% per hour (source: Stuff.tv)


A Good Snowman is Hard to Build (Download on iOS / Android)



An adorable puzzle game about a black blob of a monster that’s trapped in a beautiful garden and must build snowmen to progress through the garden and eventually leave. Each garden has obstacles and constraints, from birdbaths to potted plants. Voted “Top Ten Apps of 2016” by Time Magazine, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is definitely one of cutest and most lovingly designed games on the market. Minimal battery damage is icing on the cake!


Battery damage: ~ 5% per hour (source: Stuff.tv)


Forget-Me-Not (Download on iOS / Android)



Dubbed the “Magical Lovechild of PAC-MAN and Rogue” by TouchArcade, Forget-Me-Not is a fun mash-up of classic arcade games for single and dual players. Your blocky avatar gets dropped into a pixelated Neon Dunjun where your mission is to collect flowers, gather fruit, shoot monsters and grab the key that gets you to the next floor! Retro fun that doesn’t wreak havoc on your battery!


Battery damage: ~ 10% per hour (source: Stuff.tv)


Euclidean Lands (Download on iOS)



A 3D puzzle game that doesn’t drain your battery is hard to come by so Euclidean Lands earns top marks for that accomplishment alone. The game stars a mini caped warrior that’s dropped into a colorful world of floating 3D Rubik’s Cube-style levels that you can shift and rotate with your fingertips. Spanning 40 levels across five medieval-themed chapters, Euclidean Lands is a crowd-pleasing and beautifully designed game that’ll keep you busy for hours!


Battery damage: ~ 12% per hour (source: Stuff.tv)


Little Alchemy (Download on iOS / Android)



Start with 4 four classical elements (earth, fire, water and air) and then mix them to start creating more things from telescopes to dinosaurs. Every combination of elements provides a fun little puzzle to solve (eg. air + fire = energy or E=MC2) and with 580 elements the combinations are endlessly entertaining. A great brain teaser for kids and adults alike, Little Alchemy is free and can even be played offline!


Battery damage: ~ 5% per hour (source: Stuff.tv)