5 Common Safety Concerns About Phone Charging Stations


There has been a lot of speculation lately about the safety of public phone charging stations. While it is a good idea for consumers to be aware about the potential risks some charging stations may pose, it is important to realize that there are substantial differences in security and quality between charging station providers. (Spoiler alert: ChargeItSpots are pretty darn safe!)




Safety Concern #1.  Will the data on my phone be accessed?

ChargeItSpot kiosks are not vulnerable to juice jacking because we use cables that deliver one-way directional power. No data cables, ever. Further, only the charging tip of each cord is exposed, not the charging board, making it impossible for someone to insert a foreign cord.

As a means of further protecting our customers’ phones, the software on our charging boards is specifically designed not to allow data syncing. These boards are locked away safely in our kiosks and only accessible by our trained technicians. Even if a rogue employee plugged a data cable into our board, the technology on the board would prohibit the data sync. This makes it virtually impossible for any data to be accessed while you are using a ChargeItSpot charging station.

Safety Concern #2.   Can someone steal my phone?

ChargeItSpot kiosks feature secure lockers so that users don’t have to worry about their phones being stolen off of the charger. The process is simple: enter a 10-digit passcode (usually a phone number) and select a security image before the locker door opens.  Then using one of the charging cables provided, plug your phone in and close the locker door.  Only you will be able to the access the locker using the same credentials you used when you locked up your phone.

For further protection, each ChargeItSpot has a built-in security camera that captures images of customers in order to prevent fraud – just like an in an ATM!

Safety Concern #3.  Can your charging stations be knocked down or broken into?

Not unless you’re Superman. Our phone charging stations are made of steel and our locks can withstand over 1,000 pounds of force. We’re also UL and EMC certified. Think of us as locker-shaped military tanks that charge your phone for free.




Safety Concern #4.  What happens if I forgot my password and I’m locked out?

Hey, it happens to the best of us. In the event that you’ve forgotten your passcode or you’re locked out of the kiosk for some other reason, there’s a 24/7 remote customer service phone number displayed on the kiosk that you can call to speak to one of our reps. We remotely manage all of our charging stations and can help you retrieve your phone after we verify your identity.

Safety Concern #5.  Can using a charging station damage my phone?

Not with ChargeItSpot. But to fully answer this question it is important to understand a little bit about mobile phone technology.  Each mobile phone is designed to have a specific “charging profile” which dictates the maximum amount of power that the phone can take at any given time.  This can range from .5 amps for older phones up to 2.1 amps for many smart phones, and even 3.0 amps for the newer USB-C type phones.

Even if a charger tries to deliver more power, each phone’s built-in charging profile will block an excess of power, thereby protecting the phone.  On the flip side, it is possible for phones to accept a lesser amount of power than their ideal, or “optimal” amount.

ChargeItSpot has developed a patent-pending technology called OptiCharge® that offers a series of power levels to phones when they are plugged into our charging stations. We simply wait for the phone to accept the profile that it finds most desirable.  OptiCharge technology allows ChargeItSpot to consistently deliver the optimum amount of power that a phone will accept at any given time.

OptiCharge® technology differs from other charging solutions that may have a standard 1amp or .5amp cable that delivers a consistent, though perhaps lower than optimal amount of power to any phone that is plugged in.

One final note is that ChargeItSpot charging stations use a custom board programmed with this OptiCharge technology.  The board sits between the wall outlet and the phones.  Therefore, even in an extreme case of a power surge, the custom board would absorb the power influx and become damaged before power could ever reach the phone. (This, by the way, has never happened).

Dozens of national retail brands – from Neiman Marcus to Under Armour – trust ChargeItSpot to provide their customers with free, secure phone charging.   We are, truly, The Trusted Charging Solution®.

If you have a question or concern about the safety of our phone charging stations, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing info@chargeitspot.com. To find a secure ChargeItSpot charging station near you, visit our Locations page or download our free app!