5 Common Safety Concerns About Phone Charging Stations

September 11, 2019

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the safety of public phone charging stations. You may have come across articles with fear-inducing, clickbait headlines like: “Here’s Why You Should Never Charge Your Phone at a Public Charging Station!” While it is good for consumers to be aware about the potential risks that some charging stations may pose, it is important to realize that there are substantial differences in security and quality between charging station providers. Not all phone charging stations are created equal. The safety concerns addressed below are applicable only to ChargeItSpot kiosks, the premium and trusted charging solution for retailers. Now, let’s dive into the 5 most common safety concerns regarding phone charging stations and why ChargeItSpot kiosks are a safe bet.

Safety Concern #1 

Are you stealing my data (aka juice-jacking)?

ChargeItSpot kiosks are not vulnerable to juice-jacking because we only leverage the one-way directional power in our cables. We do not access data from your phone, ever.  Further, only the tip of each charging cable is exposed, not the entire cable, ensuring that no rogue cable could ever be plugged into the port. As a means of further protecting customers’ phones, our software is specifically designed to prevent data syncing. The combination of our cable security design and software restrictions make it virtually impossible for any data to be accessed while you are using a ChargeItSpot charging station.

Safety Concern #2

Can someone steal my phone?

The safety and security of your phone is top priority for ChargeItSpot. We have put numerous precautionary measures in place to avert potential theft and give consumers peace of mind while they charge.

Most public charging stations are not lockable. Instead, they’re open stations with exposed cords, leaving your phone vulnerable to theft. ChargeItSpot kiosks only offer secure lockers so that users don’t have to worry about their phones being stolen off of the charger.

To lock up your phone and use a ChargeItSpot charging station, you’ll need to enter a 10-digit passcode (usually your phone number) and select a security image to unlock and open a locker door. Then, using one of the charging cables provided, plug in your phone and close the door to securely lock up your phone. Only you will be able to gain access to the locker by entering the same credentials as when you initially locked up your phone. For further protection, each ChargeItSpot kiosk has a built-in security camera that captures images of customers in order to prevent fraud – just like an ATM!

Safety Concern #3 

Can your phone charging stations be knocked down or broken into?

ChargeItSpot phone charging stations are made of steel and our locks can withstand over 1,000 pounds of force. We’re also UL and EMC certified. Think of us as locker-shaped military tanks that can charge your phone! Just as it is not i